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SOLVE™️ Workforce
Intelligence Platform

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with data-driven decision-making that fosters a culture of continuous improvement, enhances employee engagement, and systematically aligns your talent resources with organizational goals for unparalleled growth and productivity.

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SOLVE™️ Workforce Intelligence Platform

The Window Into Your Workforce Performance

Assess your workforce across a series of critical dimensions that clearly identify organizational strengths, weaknesses, key risk factors and opportunities to drive workforce optimization. Together, a multi-dimensional assessment illuminates a clear roadmap and identifies pain points, while rapidly advancing organizational workforce analytic capabilities. 

ISO30414 Certification Pathway Using SOLVE™

Compliance to ISO 30414:2018 Human Capital Reporting Standard

Place your people at the centre of organizations by valuing and reporting your human capital based on an international standard, and deliver what investors look for; sustainable growth and returns.

Workforce Planning

SOLVE™ Workforce Planning enables businesses to optimize their workforce by using our modeling and analysis tools.


By identifying gaps in their current workforce and exploring different scenarios, businesses can make informed decisions and achieve their financial targets and business objectives.

SOLVE™️ Workforce Planning Module
SOLVE™️ Turnover Module

Reduce the Number of Employees Turnover in the Company by Gaining Useful Insights About the Workforce

Find out why employees are leaving and try to keep them longer.

With SOLVE™, companies are able to reduce high-performance employee turnover, gain an understanding of the workforce through comprehensive turnover analysis, and receive actionable insights for cost savings and value-creation opportunities.

Get the Best People on Board

1. Which recruiting sources were the company’s most reliable sources of top talent?
2. Where is the company getting the highest percentage of high performers?
3. How can current recruiting sources be improved?

Use people's data to find solutions for your problems and hire the right people faster. HCMI's SOLVE™ can help you improve recruitment strategies and achieve talent acquisition goals easily.

SOLVE™️ Recruitment Module

Boost Your Talent & Performance

SOLVE™️ Performance Module

1. Good performance means good profits.
2. Reward the best and handle the rest.
3. What do you think of forced curve rating systems that only count workers doing better than average and improving over time?

Improve your business by understanding employee performance and managing good and poor performers. And don't worry about forced curve rating systems - we've got you covered with insights on high performers based on past performance and productivity growth. Let us help you make data-driven decisions and increase your profitability.

Leadership Made Simple:

A Guide to Effective Management

Successful companies need good leaders who make their employees work better and help the business grow.


With our Management module, you can find out what makes a great leader and improve your organization's goals by understanding your team through surveys and data analysis.


Our module helps you identify areas for improvement, save money, and create more value with happier workers. Invest in Management today to unlock the full potential of your team!

SOLVE™️ Management Module

Quantifying Training ROI

​With SOLVE™ Learning module, companies can see how important it is to train and support employees. This helps improve their performance, which ultimately boosts the company's ROI.


By analyzing data and making smart decisions based on that data, the company can also see how mandatory training programs have a positive impact on employee engagement and overall productivity. Investing in employee training pays off big time!

SOLVE™️ Learning Module

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

With SOLVE™ Diversity module, companies can better understand and address disparities in hiring, promotion, and pay, creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.


This, in turn, leads to a more engaged and productive workforce, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

SOLVE™️ Diversity Module
SOLVE™️ Mobility Module

Maximize Your Career Growth with Internal Mobility

​Go beyond by understanding which areas attract and develop high-performing talent so you can replicate strategies for the rest of the organization.


Moving people within the company saves money and improves how things are done. Giving your employees opportunities to move up within the company makes them happier, and also creates a pool of talented people for future positions.

Gain a Winning Edge with Talent Intelligence

SOLVE™'s Competitive Talent Intelligence offers detailed insights into local talent supply, demand, salaries, and competitor recruiting activities.


It helps businesses make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

SOLVE™️ Competitive Talent Intelligence Module
SOLVE™️ Workforce Value (HCF$) Module

Maximize Your Workforce Value with HCF$

The HCMI Workforce Value (HCF$) model is a great way for companies to measure the value of their workforce. It helps with making decisions about things like compensation, performance management, and planning.


By figuring out what makes employees valuable, companies can use their resources better, train them more effectively and keep great workers around longer. HCF$ also shows where HR strategies need improvement so that companies become more efficient and profitable overall. 

Improve Workforce Productivity to Boost Growth

​Workforce productivity is all about using resources, especially employees, in the most efficient and effective way to achieve business goals.


With data-driven insights from our analytic service, companies can pinpoint areas for improvement in their business strategy, uncover what's driving productivity, and see how they stack up against competitors. Get the edge you need to optimize resources and boost your bottom line!

SOLVE™️ Productivity Module

Build a More Engaged Workforce

​Understand your employees better by using surveys, data, and analytics. Take action to prevent burnout, increase engagement and create a more satisfied team. 


Don't just rely on employee surveys - look at other things like how happy customers are, how loyal they are, and how much money your business is making. This will give you a better understanding of how your engagement initiatives are affecting your business overall.

SOLVE™️ Engagement Module

Begin Your SOLVE™

Journey Today

Embrace a strategic approach to Human Capital Reporting with SOLVE™. Reach out to us to start uncovering the full potential of your human capital disclosures.

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