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The War for Talent in the Tech Industry

Whitepaper: The War for Talent in the Tech Industry

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The pandemic has forever changed the talent market. This is especially true for U.S. tech companies that are growing at a rapid rate. With the U.S. talent shortages at a 10-year high, hiring talents with desirable skills now comes with a hefty premium.

For most this would be bad news, but for the HR teams that are ready to use data to make informed decisions, this is a golden opportunity.

This report showcases how HR can leverage labor market data to win the recruiting war: hire talents where the supply is most abundant and competitively priced.

​Here Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI) analyzed job listing data of the top 41 U.S. tech companies spanning 138 unique countries to assess the current talent landscape within the tech industry.

Download this research paper to see how labor market data can help answer the following recruiting questions:

  1. How much are competitors hiring?

  2. Where is the best location to hire, expand, or relocate?

  3. What job roles are in the highest demand?

  4. Will your current labor market meet expected demand?

  5. What talent supply will be available?

  6. Which critical job roles will be hardest to fill?

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