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HCMI Academy

Empower Your Workforce Expertise

Equip yourself with vital skills in workforce analytics and human capital management through HCMI Academy's specialized training programs. Whether online or in-house, our courses are designed to transform data into strategic insights, driving impactful decisions and fostering organizational growth.

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Our Courses & Training

Workforce Analytics

Introduction to Workforce Analytics

(Part 1)

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics Metrics & Methods

(Part 2)

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics Bundle

(Parts 1 & 2)

ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting & Disclosure

ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting & Disclosure

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning for Business & HR

Why Us?

A Decade of Excellence

Since 2010, HCMI Academy has been the learning hub for a diverse range of professionals—from global corporations to non-profits and government entities. Our trainings are a beacon for those looking to excel in human capital management and workforce analytics.


Real-World Application

Our workshops aren't just theoretical. They're enriched with real case studies and tangible examples. With over 30 case studies, 10 practical exercises, and interactive discussions, we ensure that what you learn here will resonate with your real-world challenges.


Immediate Impact

Leave our sessions with actionable metrics, tools, and templates. We focus on providing you with resources that will have an immediate and positive effect on your workplace strategies.


Expert Instructors

Learn from the best. Our globally recognized workforce analytics experts lead our workshops, bringing years of experience and a proven framework to your learning journey.


Open to All Enthusiasts

HCMI’s workshops are inclusive. You don’t need advanced training to join us—just bring your curiosity, basic understanding of statistics, proficiency in Microsoft Excel, and a drive to sharpen your business acumen.

Interested in Enrolling?

Enroll in our HCMI Academy training programs and start mastering the strategies that will define the future of HR analytics and human capital management.

For course enrollment and more information, reach out to us at Your journey towards becoming a human capital expert starts here!

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